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We offer high impact clinical trial opportunities in Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, Essential Tremor and MSA. Our team takes great pride in helping those with neurological disorders navigate through clinical trial participation and explore options that are the best fit for their needs.


Our Mission

We strive to offer high quality clinical trials to those living with neurological disorders, in our region and beyond.

Inland Northwest Research (INWR) is located in Spokane, Washington. We started in 2017 as an independent research company, in affiliation with Selkirk Neurology practice (https://www.selkirkneurology.com).  We exist to collaborate with national and global efforts to focus on unmet clinical needs of patients living with movement disorders

We have a dedicated research staff experienced in clinical trial management, with coordinators, nurses, and administrative staff that fully focus their professional efforts towards movement disorders research. 

Jason Aldred, MD, FAAN is the Principal Investigator for clinical trials at our site.  He is a board-certified neurologist with additional fellowship training in Parkinson’s disease & movement disorders and is certified by the Human Investigators Program at Oregon Health & Sciences University, which is an additional formal training program that mentors doctors on the appropriate supervision and conduct of clinical trials. Dr. Aldred is a credentialed investigator with the Parkinson Study Group (PSG) and Huntington Study Group (HSG). 

We seek out studies focused on experimental therapeutics for problems encountered in the clinical care of movement disorders.  People living with movement disorders lack significant therapies focused on cognitive impairment and ways to slow the progression of the diseases.  In Parkinson’s disease, there are many approved therapies to improve the movement symptoms, but even with the current options, many patients still struggle to achieve a stable benefit from treatment.  For these reasons we have chosen to pursue clinical trials that focus on unmet needs in these conditions that may have a great impact on quality of life.

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